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In today's dynamic world of telecommunications and mobile networks are continuously developing new advanced technologies, solutions and standards.

Progress does not stand still - smartphones, tablets, laptops have become an integral part of our daily life. Consumers want to have access to communication services anytime, anywhere, and by means of various devices.

World of high technology every day dictates new rules. Modern cellular networks are becoming more complex and technologically advanced but at the same time reliable and safe, allowing mobile operators to ensure the diversity and high quality of services provided.

Therefore, a high level of competitiveness on modern market of telecommunication technologies is primarily a high level of competence and technical training of technical services and departments of the company.

Vendors are developing every few months new versions of hardware and software that is necessary to integrate, install and operate.

In addition, to maintain the complex telecommunications equipment in working condition, to ensure the effective network management, to solve planning and optimization tasks, personnel must acquire and regularly update the relevant knowledge and skills to be able to competently perform ongoing maintenance operations and other technical problems.

Connectium offers high quality services to develop and delivery of technical trainings and courses as well as professional consulting services in the field of planning, optimization and operation of cellular networks for mobile operators, vendors and telecommunication companies.



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