Our advantages


  1. Technical courses at any level and complexity

    Connectium company provides a wide range of technical training courses and educational programs at various levels for operators, vendors and cellular companies operating in the telecommunications and IT-technologies. We have in our portfolio the whole range of training activities - from basic and fundamental level (allowing to provide training to staff of expert components providing managers and novice technicians) to complex courses (designed for professionals in the cellular networks planning, operation, optimization and troubleshooting).
    Training and educational programs are built on multilevel modular principles, allowing progressively develop the technical competence of engineers and technical staff.
  2. We keep up with the times

    All courses and programs of Connectium regularly updated, taking into account all the latest trends in the telecommunications market and timely updated as the create of the latest standards and releases.
  3. Flexibility - from standard to customized programs.

    Connectium's main courses developed in full compliance with such standards and specifications as 3GPP, ITU-T, MEF, RFC, IEEE, covering the specifics of different vendors solutions.
    Our company is vendors independent, therefore training is not only constrained by standards and individual solutions manufacturers of telecommunications equipment. On demand, the development of multi-vendor courses, providing an independent assessment of the comparative analysis of practical equipment options, KPI's etc. This courses can be completely theoretical and with the elements of practice, or completely practical.
  4. Our courses are never boring

    All of our instructors have both high theoretical and practical knowledge, verified in many years of experience working directly with cellular and telecommunications networks, including the leading domestic and foreign operators and vendors.
    At the same time, all without exception Connectium's experts are not only highly professional engineers and trainers, as if playing on the same field, and as a team with their wards. Performing learning tasks together with the coach, which has a high level of presentation skills and pedagogical skills, the students even acting independently prepared understanding practical skills to meet the most demanding technical aspects and standards, with any desired level of detail.
  5. High quality organization of the learning process

    We take into account all the wishes and goals of the customer, including the organization of courses and trainings, trying to make the learning experience the highest quality and comfortable. Conducting trainings as possible on the premises and conference rooms of our partners, as well as on the customer side, for convenience and to minimize costs. In addition, she may be in the form of training webinars. When organizing the courses we always take into account the wishes of the customer, we are ready to offer, if necessary, any coach meets the needs for communication.
  6. Optimal prices

    Cost of courses Connectium below that determined today than the costs for organizing and conducting similar training from vendors. As the cost of our services is formed on the other (see above paragraphs 1-5) suitable for training. Our company adheres to the policy of flexible financial components of the organization and conduct of training taking into account the size and complexity of the ordered courses.

Company Connectium quality and professionally solves the problems of education and training of technical staff and service providers and organizations of the international telecommunications market. In the process, we always keep the feedback from customers, trying to realize their goals and develop long-term mutually beneficial partnership!


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